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Stories from the D.R.E.A.M.S Project

It stands for Determined, Resilient, Empowered, AIDS free, Mentored and Safe.

The purpose of the program is to reach out to girls between 10-24 years of age to ensure that;

  • They remain AIDS free.
  • They are aware of ways to stay AIDS free.
  • They have skills to sustain themselves and reduce the chances of them having to compromise their health in search for money.

Prossy Nalwadda: Mubende

“I joined the dreams program at its start, when they still used to issue out pink cards to the attendees. They reached out to the girls in the village. After confirming our ages, we gathered at the Government hospital. Before the program, it could not occur to us to go to the hospital for health checkups. But now, we are more cautious of our health.”

Hadijah Nabagulanyi: Mityana

“When I joined, I was pregnant. I found various things that the DREAMS program was doing. We studied family planning under SYNOVUYO; we studied how to handle our spouses and children, learnt about Condom use under the stepping stones chapter. My favorite part of the program was mastering the sowing machine. I have been given one today, and intend to use it to sustain myself.

Dorothy Natabi: Mityana


“It has taught me that I should check for HIV every 3 months.”

Julia Namawejje: Mityana

“I can now use the sowing machine. I can also do beadwork and hair braiding. I can use all these to sustain myself without being dependent on others.”

Prossy Nakayeera: Mubende

“I have learnt hands on skills that I did not have on arrival. I now have startup capital from our loan scheme to help me get started. I also intend to save from the money that I will be earning.

Joanita Nambi: Mubende

My life is going to change in so many ways because I intend to achieve my goals. Girls usually fall sick as they look for money.

Margaret Nabagulanyi: Mityana

As for now, I can support myself and I can also work on customer’s needs.


With support from Mild May Uganda, JAWCU is currently implementing a project titled “Determined, Resilient, Empowered, Aids Free, Mentored and Safe AGYWs (DREAMS)” 2016 to date.

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